The Ultimate Latergram

August 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

For better or worse, one of the things that defines me is where I’m from – good old Rochester, NY. Like I always say, it’s a great place to be from. Pretty scenic, easy to get around (if you don’t mind driving anywhere), and when I left in 1993 it was a decent place to raise a family. My roots run deep there, but for the most part everyone’s branched out. Rochester is most famous of course for Eastman Kodak. George Eastman was a quiet captain on industry and an absolutely fascinating study. I’m surprised someone like David McCullough never took on the challenge of writing about him. I’d definitely buy the book.

We all know what’s happened to Kodak in recent years and it hasn’t been pretty. The seemingly endless string of 4 or 5 figure at a time staff cuts. Refocusing (sorry, had to do it) their strategy from film to digital to consumer digital to easier to use consumer digital to “corporate imaging,” whatever that means. Selling off division after division in order to try to raise enough money to cover expenses. The bankruptcy filing at the beginning of the year.

But we also know what Kodak gave us in the past. Sturdy, reliable cameras at a reasonable price, and the film to fill them with and capture memories. So when a nostalgic sap like me comes across one of those cameras at an estate sale for $10 you just have to buy it, right? Then when you actually rustle through the bag that it came with and find an unused roll of Fotomat (remember those little huts?) 126 film in it you quickly realize that you simply have to take pictures with that film, right?


So that’s what I’m going to do. 12 exposures on that roll of film. I need to use them wisely. If anyone has any ideas on subject matter – do tell. Two are already spoken for – need to do one of the family and one of Chicago. Better yet – if anyone wants to take a picture with it, we could have a little fun with it. I’ll gladly plop it in a box as long as you promise to send it back.

Post your ideas in the comments below, or better yet…let me know if you want to take a picture. This could be fun.




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